Your Image…Your Story

You have one shot each day…one shot to show up and tell the world who you are and why they should listen.

You have the power to tell people a story without even speaking a single word and your image is the gold nugget that will unlock your potential to create more meaningful relationships in business and in life.

If you’re over the struggle of trying to find the perfect look, tired of the same old outfits day in and day out, and your confidence is taking a hit…take a deep breath and know you’re in exactly the right place.

Are You Ready to Create a Kick-Ass First Impression Every Day?

Contact Leanne MulcahyIf that’s a YES, then let me introduce myself, I’m Leanne Mulcahy (to the right that’s me), and I help women like you, learn the skills to create a Kick-Ass first impression every day.

Here’s why I’m different…

I won’t tell you what clothes you should wear or what colours will suit you and I won’t take you shopping (I don’t like shopping with other people).  If you’re thinking that I’m not much of an Image Consultant…you’re right!  I’m not an Image Consultant, I’m a Mentor and Coach and I will empower you and arm you with all of my knowledge so that you can make the best decisions to create an image that truly reflects who you are every day.

The spin-off is…

Your confidence will soar, you’ll save money and time and you’ll have a wardrobe filled with items that truly reflect you and your style personality and fit you perfectly…and best of all you’ll create Kick-Ass first impression whenever you need to make an impact.

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Workshops Leanne MulcahyWhether you prefer to get together with friends in a group workshop, or you enjoy the flexibility of doing things in your own time, or you are ready to take action and get results fast, there is something to suit you.

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