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Create Your Signature Look - Leanne MulcahyI know it’s not easy getting dressed each day. 
It can come with a bit of…well let’s just say…it’s a pain the butt some days and it can leave you wondering why it’s such a chore.

Wouldn’t it be great if the daily ritual of getting dressed was something that you actually enjoyed rather than one that leaves you in a grump and wearing the same thing you’ve worn over and over again?

Imagine what it would be like to open your wardrobe and know that any outfit or piece of clothing was perfect for you, you felt like a million bucks when you wore it, you felt totally comfortable in your skin and super confident…people would look at you and think “WOW, look at her!”.

If you’ve said “YES, I want that Leanne!” then you have said YES to the most important person in the world…that’s YOU honey! You are unique, your style, your look, your body, and your place in the world, which is why I want to help you uncover that very special uniqueness and bring it to life again.

Create Your Signature Look - Leanne MulcahyThis place and the community we’re creating here, are all to support you in your journey to discovering your Signature Look. I am very grateful that you are here and I can’t wait to get to know you better.

Speaking of getting to know each other better, it’s time I introduced myself. I’m Leanne Mulcahy, an Image Expert, Speaker, and Writer with a quick wit, who is a regular contributor to the Swear Jar. I help women around the globe, just like you, to create their Signature Look so they feel more confident and making getting dressed each day a breeze. In a nutshell, I help make their lives easier and they have the freedom to be exactly who they were born to be…fabulous, amazing, gorgeous, and alive women.

Why You Need a Signature Look

What She Said

Leanne is an advertisement as someone who themselves has been there and understands. I did the 30 Days to Shine program and really enjoyed it. She prompted me to get back on track rediscover my creatively and live and present myself the way I want to in my business. Leanne, I thank you for that, you are truly an inspiration.
Maria Palmer, Absolute Accounting Ltd
Mornings for me used to be painful, sometimes ending with piles of clothes on the bed before I left for work. Being more aware about shape, wearing more colour and adding accessories, seems to take away the drama from dressing each morning! Feeling good about what I am wearing definitely makes me feel more confident.
Moana Petre
Thanks so much for all that you did – your listening ear and interpretation of where I am/was at, was incredibly insightful of you. I sure wasn’t expecting to gain from my time with you, all that I did. I feel calmer though, and less inclined to stress about what to wear, more comfortable with what is in my “streamlined wardrobe”, and more sure of what it is that I want my clothes to DO for me accepting that they don’t do it alone.
Emma, Auckland

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