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Are You A Soulful Woman?

Here’s three questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are you waiting to lose weight, waiting for the right time or waiting until you have some spare money before you can think about how you look and clothes?
  2. Do you feel out of alignment with what’s being reflected back to you in the mirror but you’re unsure where to start?
  3. Are you happy with every aspect of your life but the one thing you can’t seem to get right is your clothes?

Or perhaps there’s something in each of these questions that you connect with?

If you answered yes to any of them, then it’s likely that you are a sensitive and soulful woman, but mostly you’ll have a feeling that something just isn’t right.

You’ve unsure what it means but you know that something needs to shift and you can’t afford to ignore it any more…not if you really want to live life as you were meant to.

It’s time to make some changes. Lasting changes.

You’re ready to step out into the world each day feeling confident and powerful with a style that reflects who you are, authentically, and you no longer want to hide behind the ‘imposters’ uniform’ that you’ve been wearing for so long.

I get it, I’ve spent a good part of the first 40 years of my life discovering what I needed to do to step out of my imposters’ uniform without getting struck down by lightening or worse, being criticised by others.

Getting dressed should be easy and choosing clothes and a look that fits you and the life you lead should be easy, but the reality is it can be a tedious chore, not to mention an energetic drain that has an impact on every aspect of your life.

Knowing what to wear would be so much easier if you had the right clothes to choose from, especially if they were clothes you actually loved and god-forbid made you feel amazing.

How is it so, that it feels almost selfish to stop and take a moment to think who you are and how you want to show up each day?

Is it OK and how do you make space to do it, without feelings of guilt or feeling selfish?

If this is your first step into our world of Soulful Woman’s Style, then you have taken a leap towards reclaiming back your power. You are meant to be here. This isn’t fate, this isn’t a lucky find; you and I were meant to connect.

Download your 7 Easy Steps to Detox Your Wardrobe now!

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What Other Soulful Women Are Saying

Leanne is an advertisement as someone who themselves has been there and understands. I did the 30 Days to Shine program and really enjoyed it. She prompted me to get back on track rediscover my creatively and live and present myself the way I want to in my business. Leanne, I thank you for that, you are truly an inspiration.
Maria Palmer, Absolute Accounting Ltd
Mornings for me used to be painful, sometimes ending with piles of clothes on the bed before I left for work. Being more aware about shape, wearing more colour and adding accessories, seems to take away the drama from dressing each morning! Feeling good about what I am wearing definitely makes me feel more confident.
Moana Petre
Thanks so much for all that you did – your listening ear and interpretation of where I am/was at, was incredibly insightful of you. I sure wasn’t expecting to gain from my time with you, all that I did. I feel calmer though, and less inclined to stress about what to wear, more comfortable with what is in my “streamlined wardrobe”, and more sure of what it is that I want my clothes to DO for me accepting that they don’t do it alone.
Emma, Auckland

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