Leanne Mulcahy Image and Brand Strategist


Argh another morning and another decision about what the hell to wear! How do you create an image easily so you can show up each day knowing that you’ll be noticed for all the right reasons?

It can be a minefield connecting the dots between who you are, what you do, not to mention trying to incorporate everything that’s important to you into your look…when did clothes become so damn complicated?

Guess what! It doesn’t have to be hard. BUT sometimes what you need is someone who gets it, who gets you and knows how to get you back on track. HELLO…that’s me above, Leanne, the smiley one and that’s what I’m really great at doing. In fact I’ve helped tonnes of women get their kick-ass look back so that they can focus on the things that are important to them…ooh and guess what…they just happen to boost their confidence and get their groove back. Are you ready to find out more?  Just click one of the buttons below…


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Create Your Signature Look

Your image is a reflection of self-care, self-expression and self-confidence. Find out what it takes to create your signature look so that you no longer feel frustrated, overwhelmed or left with that feeling of […]