Is It Your Time To Shine?

You have one shot each day…one shot to show up and tell the world who you are and why they should listen.

If you’re in the business of connecting with people (and let’s face it, unless you’re a hermit that means you!), regardless of whether you’re meeting them face to face or using any form of social media, having an authentic and confident image and personal brand is your opportunity to stand out in a market place that is noisy and unrelenting.

Your image and personal brand reflect the core of who you are and it gives people insight into what’s important to you in business and in life. Whether you strive to speak on the world stage, grow your business or take your career to new heights, isn’t it time you made your personal brand work for you?

If that’s a YES, then it’s time you and I got to know each other a little better. I’m Leanne Mulcahy and I show women, like you, how to create an image and personal brand that aligns with who they are and what they do.

WARNING…I’m different!

Aside from the obvious…here’s the real reason I’m different. I won’t tell you what clothes you should wear, what colours will suit you and I won’t take you shopping (I don’t like shopping with other people).  If you’re thinking that I’m not much of an Image Consultant…you’re right!  I’m not an Image Consultant, I’m a Coach who empowers you, supports you and arms you with knowledge about creating an image and personal brand that builds confidence so that you can step out in all your greatness everyday…it just so happens that you will open the doors to opportunity along the way.

ANOTHER WARNING…there’s the potential to make more money, have a job you love, grow your business and more more more!

Your confidence will soar, you’ll scale the highest mountains (think dream man, dream job, dream business…DREAM anything) and turn them into reality.  Does that sound exciting to you?  It sounds exciting to me…where do I sign up!! Seriously (you’ll see I have a sense of humour…you need to when you’re in the business of people), if you are ready to take action and step into your greatness…then beautiful woman…come with me!

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Those That Know…

“Leanne is an advertisement as someone who themselves has been there and understands. I did the 30 Days to Shine program and really enjoyed it. Leanne prompted me to get back on track, rediscover my creatively and live and present myself the way I want too in my business. Leanne I thank you for that, you are truly an inspiration.” Maria Palmer – Absolute Accounting Solutions Ltd

“I had a lovely time at the session with Leanne last night and it was great to be among a group of women that all attended for the same purpose. Leanne showed us that with a change in mind-set we can turn things around for ourselves and having a personal signature style is rewarding and achievable. What I learnt most from last night was that your signature look is not just about clothes but rather a journey of discovery of self and going wherever that may take you….. A bit like the life cycle of a butterfly… Thank you Leanne.” Kathy – Palmerston North

“I liked the relaxed feel of the event – Leanne is so funny, fresh and ‘real’. Just the way Leanne related to each of us in the room, was empathetic and gave great guidance and feedback to us all. It was really empowering to share our fears and know that we are not alone. All the participants (total strangers) for those two hours were in this really powerful sisterhood where there was no judgement only understanding.” Alice Jenkinson – Print Consultants

“What did I enjoy most about the evening: WOW so many things were amazing about the evening, but what stuck out the most was the ‘Finding my signature look’ gosh have I been stuck in a rut with who I am, the way I dress and just did not realise, what works for others, the fashion trends are not me, I have always been different in the way I dressed and I felt amazing and confident, so here goes, time to get my groove back.” Nellie Grice – Palmerston North 

“What a great night, what I enjoyed the most was the ladies there true stories and how real they are, just like me!! Every time I see you, you inspire me, light my life up and give me new ideas, and remind me who I am and that I should embrace those
dam curves I have.” Debbie Jemmett – Palmerston North.